Video Game Tester Openings

There are openings for a video game tester. If you know someone that works in a video game company, then you have great chances of securing a video game testing job, but if you don’t know any person there your chances are limited. There are 3 steps of fulfilling your video game testing dreams.

Make a connection
Approach video game companies and tell them about your willingness to become a video game tester. Tell them about the games you’ve played and the ones you own. The more you define how well you’ve been playing games, the more they are likely to accept you. Though it’s possible to see a video game testing ads on the newspapers or video game manufacturer’s website but it’s very rare. Luckily, you could get the job and begin your video game testing career.

Once the games are delivered to you through mail, take time to read the manuals that came with it and follow their instructions meticulously. Remember not to leave any stones unturned. Test the games over and over again and make sure that no glitches are left behind. As you test the games, write down any bug you notice at all levels of the games. If you are not familiar with detecting bugs, I suggest you should take a short ecourse to familiarize yourself with all aspects of this opportunity. Video game testing requires a lot of concentration; distractions could make you miss a bug. It’s unlike playing games for fun; it’s more difficult than playing games for fun.

After you’ve finished testing the games, return your feedbacks to the company that assigned you the job. Remember that time factor is very crucial in video game testing. Even if they are busy when you go to return your feedbacks, do not hesitate to stand by until you’ve delivered the assignment.

Hopefully, your check would come after your first testing has been completed and submitted. With time you would build a strong reputation with the named company and surely, more testing will follow.

Video game testing will be an entertaining job to you when you get used to detecting bugs and glitches. The pay is very attractive, it could range from $20 to $150 per day, depending on the พนันบอลออนไลน์ ไม่มีขั้นต่ำ number of hours you spend testing the games assigned. They also give benefits based on the number of bugs detected by you. It doesn’t even finish there; game tricks like cheat codes and the rest of others are also revealed to you. You also get free samples when the new version of the games you’ve tested hit the market. Game testing could stressful and at the same time rewarding. Take time to discover the opportunities that await a video game tester, exploit them and build your career from what you love to do.