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All Aboard the SUP Bandwagon

Posted by: | Posted on: June 26, 2017

SUP is a sport that is taking the world by storm. There are even talks of it becoming an Olympic sport in the future. Why jump aboard this bandwagon? Here are some reasons why you should get into this sport.

  1. You can pretty much do it on any body of water – the ocean, the lakes, the rivers, the ponds – you name it. It is mostly done on flat bodies of water with hardly any waves but now people have been taking on some small waves with their boards. You can do a bit of surfing with it on the ocean.
  2. It can be a very relaxing sport if you just calmly paddle and enjoy the surroundings near you. The quietness of the sport makes it easier to see wildlife who have not run away because of motor noise. You can also explore different areas of a body of water that motorboats cannot get to or bigger water vehicles cannot get to for excellent never-before-seen photographs of scenery.
  3. You can be as physical as you like. If you like to exercise, you can make the paddling quick and intense for a serious workout. A growing trend in the sport is also SUP yoga where people do yoga poses on the SUP boards on a calm body of water. This really gives your body balance and yoga technique a challenge.
  4. It’s easy to learn. You should take your first SUP outing with an SUP instructor. You only need a couple of hours to master the basics and your instructor will make sure your paddling technique is right so you don’t hurt yourself. You should know how to swim if you take up the sport, but even if you do know how to swim, it is recommended that you use a life jacket.
  5. Anyone can do it. People with physical disabilities can master stand-up paddle boarding as well. It’s great therapy on the water. Young or old, no matter the age or ability, it’s not too difficult to paddle.
  6. More than one person can go on a board. There are boards designed for families so a few people can enjoy paddling together on a board. Even a single-person board can take on pets if the pets enjoy being on the water. Just be sure the pets have on their own personal life jacket for safety.

One of the downsides of the sport is it is expensive to start with if you want quality boards. I have seen some boards with a paddle go for as low as $200 on sale but in general good boards can range from $300 to a few thousand dollars. If you want to try it out (you will get hooked to the sport) you should first rent different boards for about $25 to $30 dollars for a day in some places and see if you enjoy the sport and if it is worth it for you to buy a board and paddle. After that though, the cost is minimal. You can get patches if you have inflatable boards for fixing your board.

If you feel that you would like to further your interests in the sport, go ahead and invest in good quality gear. For all your stand-up paddle boarding needs, go to this Website for high quality boards and accessories.